4 Common Vape Mistakes To Avoid That Everyone Needs To Know

Vaping can be a daunting and big world that many people may feel overwhelmed by, and that is understandable seeing the dizzying choices people have to make from e-liquids, pods and vape devices ranging from all sorts of quality and prices. While it is common for beginners to make mistakes, there are some mistakes you want to avoid repeatedly to the point vaping might put you off.

Here at Puff Vapes Toronto we’re happy to get you started because the more the merrier right? So don’t be afraid if you have questions about e-juices, disposable vapes and shipping!

Before you get skilled at blowing smoke (O’s) rings and already looking into modding your vape device, you might want to slow down and learn as much as you can. Here is a list of common mistakes people make that are new to vaping and how to avoid them!


Not asking questions about vape accessories

Not asking questions is a common mistake people make out of fear of embarrassment, thinking that people will look down on them or fear that they look stupid. We’re here to tell you that there is no such thing as a stupid or dumb question. The vaping community is a big and diverse family where we welcome and celebrate all kinds of people from all sorts of walks of life.


Forgetting to charge your vape battery

Coils need to heat up from somewhere and that source happens to be battery powered. While it can be easily forgotten for a rookie, charging your vape device should be as second nature as charging your phone.

Disposable vapes on the other hand have no need to be charged and are meant for limited use. You don’t have to switch out parts or refill disposable vapes with e-juices. Attempting to even recharge disposable vapes is dangerous that can lead to unwanted consequences.


Not priming the coil with e-liquids

Priming the coil of the vape device is an especially important step that simply can’t be missed. Priming means allowing e-liquids to saturate the cotton wick. To properly prime the coil, you will have to wait for approximately 10 minutes.

Not doing so will leave you with a bitter and burnt aftertaste we call a dry hit. Taking care and maintaining your vape machine is paramount to have the best experience which brings us to our next point, maintenance.


Not cleaning and maintenance your vape device

Cleaning your device and maintaining it will make your vape device last longer and will give you the best experience. What a lot of vape newbies forget is that vape devices need to be cleaned out after use. If you don’t, it can lead to a buildup of juice flavours and sweeteners. Make sure to keep tabs on your cotton and replace it with new fluffy cotton when needed.


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We’ve all started from somewhere and there is no shame in the game when it comes to vaping. If you have any questions about e-liquids, disposable vapes or vape pods, or looking for personal recommendations, don’t be shy, we’ll guide you through it. You can call us at 416-583-1428. Prefer to write? E-mail us at info@puffvapesonline.com.

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