Common Vape Problems and How to Fix Them

Common Vape Problems and How to Fix Them

Vaping is a great hobby and time killer, but as great as it sounds vaping does come with its own set of issues that may frustrate some users and take the fun out of vaping. These are common issues that our customers at Puff Vapes Toronto often face. In this handy dandy article we will explain the issues that vapers often encounter and how to solve them. Remember, if you can’t find a solution we are here to help at any time! 

My vape tastes burnt? 

If you have a burnt after taste you might be experiencing a dry hit. This often happens when you do not allow the e-juice to soak properly in the cotton. After filling the tank with e-juice, make sure to let the e-juice soak in for about 5 minutes. Another solution is priming your coil and this is done by letting in a few drops of e-juice on your coil. Coil life span can also be related as coils tend to burn out depending on your use. If you are a heavy user, then you might to have to replace your coils after every week or two weeks. Making sure your device is in tip-top shape helps for a good experience! 

The Battery isn’t working? 

A battery malfunction is very common regardless of the device your working with. We’ve all been there when the remote control isn’t working and after a good walk or two, it goes back to normal. However this does not work with a sensitive device such as a vaping device. So what may be the cause and how do you fix it. 

The device might be switched off. You might not even notice it, but the device might be switched off. The process of turning off your device might be different. Sometimes there’s a long hold and sometimes it happens as easy as a click of a button. There might be a connection issue as well. Another reason is just because your battery is out of charge. Charge it up and see if it works this time! 

My Vaping Device is Leaking? 

This seems to be one of the most common issues when it comes to vaping. It’s not a nice experience and will worry lots of people that haven’t had issues before. The best piece of advice is to check the device and see if there aren’t any signs of wear and tear. The older the vaping device the more prone it gets to leakage. Check the coils, mouth pieces, internals and see if it isn’t causing any issues. 

Puff Vapes Toronto 

The best way to get it checked out if the situation is iffy, is to bring it to the experts of Puff Vapes Toronto. We are located in Downtown Toronto. 7-85 Queens Warf Rd. Open everyday from 10 AM to 12 AM. Want to get some advice before coming down? Call us 416-583-1482 or send us an email at


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