Does Vaping Help With Stress

Does Vaping Help With Stress

We all deal with stress in some way or another, however we all have our own ways to deal with stress and sometimes they may be not the best. Some people use food do deal with stress, stress eating as they call it. Downing copious amounts of food is not a healthy coping mechanism as it can have adverse effects on the body sooner or later. 

Vaping for a Peace of Mind 

Then there are people that love to go for walks to clear their mind or watch a movie to escape reality. That begs the question whether vaping helps with stress? Vaping when done in moderation does help with stress, but one has to be careful that vaping is not the only outlet somebody should be looking for. In the age where stress and mental health are encouraged to be spoken about in public, turning to a friend is never a bad idea. 

The Vaping Community 

Vaping has a great community aspect about it where vaping together can be a great catalyst for speaking your mind while being in a safe space where vaping and friendship come together in one space. Vaping can offer people the peace of mind in the sense that the mind is able to distracted by a force of habit. For others, it might be drawing, colouring, or alcohol which might be the worst way to cope with stress. 

Vaping and Healthy Habits 

Vaping, however is not the only way to deal with stress as an important aspect of helping with stress is largely dependant on eating healthy, sleeping enough, getting enough exercise, and confiding in those who you trust and feel close to. Stress is very prevalent in our society where people have to wear multiple hats and juggle various responsibilities at once. Some people have the inability not to say no and will continuing taking on a bigger work load than they can handle. 

Vaping Responsibly 

Vaping is a great method of relieving stress temporarily, but caution must be practiced as irresponsible use may lead to an actual increase of stress, anxiety, and depression. The best way to implement vaping with coping techniques is to make sure that you have enough exercise and continue eating healthy. Vaping should be used as a light supplement to those activities and not be the main coping method. 

Vaping vs Smoking Cigarettes 

Vaping is seen as a great alternative to smoking whose consequences and effects have been linked to a slew of conditions and diseases. That does not go without saying that vaping does not carry risks. Both smoking cigarettes and vaping can be risky due to their nicotine content which can actually induce stress and anxiety. 

Nicotine Strength with Vaping 

The difference lies in that vaping devices can have various amounts of nicotine based on choice. These are often expressed in nicotine strengths starting as low as 0% which contains no nicotine. The amount incrementally increases to 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, and which can go as high as 50 mg. As you might have noticed, nicotine amounts are shown in milligrams.

Choosing Nicotine Strength with Vaping 

So how do you know which strength is the right one for you? Depending on what vape device you use, always make sure you start with the lowest. If you are using a Direct-to-Lung device, the amount with never exceed more than 3 mg or 6 mg at the least. It comes down to personal preferences and satisfaction. Going too high and you might feel jittery and get sore throat by feeling a burning sensation. 

Puff Vapes In Downtown Toronto 

At Puff Vapes Toronto, we very well know the importance of community. Our experts are always ready to assist you with vaping related questions by giving you personalized recommendations based on your preference. Remember to vape responsibly and in moderation! For questions, Contact us at 416-583-1428 or E-mail us at 

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