Is Vaping Becoming More Common?

Is Vaping Becoming More Common?

In the past recent years, vaping has become a mainstay in the public sphere where we can’t really picture a day without anybody vaping on the street. The ease and the accessibility makes it easier for people to acquire and not to mention the price at which they are available make it even a more compelling case to have them handy in case people have a craving. Despite its pros and cons and the apparent negative image that people have associated with vaping, vaping has actually become more common as noted by Canada: Survey and Statistics. 

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5% of Canadians aged 15 and older had reported vaping in the past 30 days. Younger Canadians were more likely to have vaped in the past 30 days (13% of youth aged 15 – 19 and 17% of those aged 20 – 24) compared to 4% of Canadians aged 25 and older.

  • Vaping to reduce stress was reported as the main reason for vaping among 15-19 years (33%) compared with 58% of those aged 25 and older who reported using vaping to reduce, quit or avoid returning to smoking.
  • 6% of males and 5% of females vaped in the past 30 days. 

Now that we know a little bit on the statistics, the reason why most people want to vape can be basically divided into 4 reasons. Read along and find out why people vape. 

Quitting smoking 

This is often the most cited reason why people start vaping because many smokers will consider vaping as a viable replacement for quitting to smoke. Many smokers wil, for that reason switch to vaping in a bid to get the same nicotine craving in a less damaging way. Smokers who want to quit cold-turkey often find themselves in a difficult situation 

For fun and as a hobby 

This is seen by vapers as the second reason. Vaping can be fun and is a good time killer. Many people who vape do it perhaps out of boredom. They will walk around, draw some juice, blow it out, and continue their day. Some people eat when they are bored, some people take a nap, and some people vape. Hey, it happens! 

Much more discreet than cigarettes 

Cigarettes can cause a whole slew of issues relating to staying discreet. Smokers deal with these issues on a daily basis. Yellow nails, yellow teeth, smokers breath, and a constant lingering smell in your place can put many people at unease even if they do not necessarily express it directly. This does not mean that vaping doesn’t come with issues. There are people who can put up better with vapers than cigarettes due to the smoke just evaporating in thin air and that too with a pleasant smell thanks to the many flavours. Despite vaping being much discreet than smoking, vapers should still be considerate of people around them notably kids and the elderly. 

Health-Related reasons 

There are a lot of people that switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping for health related issues. As earlier mentioned before, many smokers benefit from the nicotine levels that are available in vapes. It’s been also reported to decrease mood swings, nicotine cravings, insomnia, headaches and dizziness, and irritability. This does not mean that vaping doesn’t come with risks. Vape responsibly and vape in moderation! 

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