What Different Vape Techniques and Machines Are There?

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What Different Vape Techniques and Machines Are There

The vape world is full of different kinds of devices and vape kinds. If you are new to vaping or just want to get to know other types of vape devices, this simple guide is for you! There are various kinds of products people can smoke such as e-liquids, cannabis, vitamins, and more. 

 Apart from smoking different products, there are also different ways to smoke as well. To make sure you are as informed as possible, let’s take a look at the ways people like to smoke. This has to do more with technology and in the vape community. 

 There are two ways to smoke. 

The world of vaping is vast and with tons of releases and flavours coming your way, it can be a bit daunting to navigate. At Puff Vapes Toronto we have experts on deck to guide and recommend products we put together from years of being in the industry and fellow aficionados ourselves, so stop by and contact us at any time at Puff Vapes Toronto! 


This is the closest that way that mimics smoking cigarettes. Because of this, most first-time users will prefer this over the other technique which we will discuss after this one. The way to smoke this way is with the help of long smooth drags. After this, you want to hold the vapour in your mouth. Then inhale to the lungs, and finally exhale. 

The best way to start vaping like this is to purchase a special MTL device together with an MTL tank as well. Another way to do this is to use a low-wattage device with higher resistance coils since elevated levels of nicotine are needed. 


This is often the preferred method and the most popular method in the vaping community. As the name already suggests, Direct-To-Lung involves taking in a vape that directly goes to the lung instead of hanging out in our mouth for a few seconds. 

This technique is very effective since it can guarantee large amounts of clouds and so flexibility when you need to do more elaborate tricks! The best way to get started is to get a DTL device, low-resistance coils, or sub-ohm coils. Make sure you get e-juices with lower nicotine as the technique is meant for open airflow. Too much nicotine and you can end up getting nicotine poisoning. 

So here you have a rundown of your vaping techniques. Now on to vape devices!

Disposable Vapes  

Disposable vape devices are the most straightforward way to go if you want to start vaping. These are packaged and ready to use with ease. They are ideal for people on the road or the ones that have no patience. No need to fill it up with e-juice, swap tanks, maintain them, or even charge them as these come pre-charged. 

They come with tons of flavours, and high nicotine content, and are the cheapest options when it comes to the range of vape devices that are there on the market currently! 

Pod Vapes  

Pod vapes might be the type of devices people think of when thinking of vaping. It is lauded as a very convenient device and perfect for people that look for hassle-free vaping while having the convenience of refilling their tanks. The pod vapes consist of two main parts and that is the battery and the pod which is refillable and replaceable. The form factor is what makes it the favourite since it can be easily stashed away! 

CBD Vape Pens  

These are very similar to the vape pens most people know of. These vape pens are meant to be filled with e-juice that contains CBD e-juice. The sleek form factor and ease of use are what make these CBD vape pens a favourite among many! Another advantage is that these are activated by draw which means that the device does not produce vapors until drawn. 

Puff Vapes Toronto  

Here you have it. The different ways to vape and the different types of vape machines on the market. Keep in mind that this is a very small selection of what is actually available. With so much choice and devices it would not be weird to ask for a little bit of help. Browse our selection of disposable vapes, pods, e-juices, and more! Call us at 416-583-1428. vape delivery torontoor E-mail us at info@puffvapesonline.com. 

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